Open call for special issue of Alue & Ympäristö (2/2017), focus on energy and bioeconomy


Spaces of sustainable politics and practices

Sustainability transitions, in the areas of e.g. energy, food and mobility have become a core topic of transnational policy debate and are hailed as an incubator for new sustainable practices and green growth. Guided by, at least rhetorically, a generic aim of enhancing the sustainability of production and society we experience the emergence and refolding of heterogeneous spaces of governance. The actual implementation of political strategies such as the bioeconomy, green growth or renewable energy transitionsis based on practices deriving from constantly reformulated rationalities formed in various, complex spatialities. This special issue focuses on the processes that reproduce these various, yet interconnected spaces of policy design, mobility and practice in relation to their embeddedness into the socio-spatial fabrics of different localities and political arenas related to sustainable transitions. It will present narratives of emergence; it will discuss and explain the translations and mutations of mobile policies and will evaluate localized sustainable practices and conflicts related to various sectors.

The special issue aims to include contributions with a focus on energy and bioeconomy, yet is open for additional suggestions.

 We cordially invite you to submit, preferably in English, full papers (<8000 words), commentaries (<2500 words), book reviews (700-1000 words), discussion (“epiphytes” section), interviews, PhD thesis commentaries (“Väitösikkuna” section) and lectio precursoria linked to this topic for the special issue. Please use the A&Y style guidance (available in English latest from 5th of June!) and send your manuscripts through the portal:

Deadline for submissions are

Peer-reviewed full papers and commentaries: June 30, 2017 (negotiable in special cases)!

Other manuscripts (non-peer-reviewed): September 15, 2017


Please address questions concerning the special issue to:

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Moritz Albrecht & Jarmo Kortelainen (special issue editors)

University of Eastern Finland

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies


Nina V. Nygren & Jussi Semi

Alue & Ympäristö journal editors