Metsien ympäristökysymysten kansainvälistyvät tilat Venäjällä

  • Jarmo Kortelainen UEF
  • Juha Kotilainen UEF


The paper explores the challenges and changes
brought to the forest industrial sector in Russia by
internationalisation. It analyses the actors affecting
the environmental relations of that field of industry,
first, in a global setting and, thereafter, in Russia.
Russian forests as contested spaces are then examined
by introducing the conflict over Karelian
forests and the efforts for forest certification in the
Nizhegorodsk Region. Theoretically, the paper draws
from discussions on relational spaces. It is concluded
that while the networks transgressing scalar limits
are essentially non-territorial, as a result of negotiations
between the actors involved in these networks
new territories in the Russian forest landscape are

syys 1, 2005
Kortelainen, J., & Kotilainen, J. (2005). Metsien ympäristökysymysten kansainvälistyvät tilat Venäjällä. Alue Ja Ympäristö, 34(2), 48-57. Noudettu osoitteesta