Eläinpolitiikka – mitä se voi olla?

  • Outi Ratamäki UEF
  • Sonja Tynkkynen UEF


Our research study deals with the relations between
animals, humans and society. We look at these relations
from the point of view of political science. Our
attempt is to find out if animal policy exists, and if so,
how. Since 1990’s in Finland animal related issues have
been strongly debated in the public. Also, social movements
aiming at enhancing the welfare of animals have
expanded. These actions, statements and arguments
can be seen as politicization of animal issues. This politicization
is challenging both the old governmental
structures dealing with animal-society relations and the
old ways of thinking and valuing animals. These societal
changes give us a reason to conceptualise “animal
policy”. Animal policy mainly deals with three different
themes: industrial/agricultural animals, wild animals and
pets/entertainment animals. Along with these themes
it is interesting to explore the animal political arguments
about animal rights, animal welfare and species
conservation. Animal rights activists argue that all sort
of animal protection should be based on animal rights
(individual moral rights). Therefore ecological, biological
or veterinary definitions on animal welfare or protection
are not seen sufficient. Counter-arguments for
animal rights are questions of livelihood, employment,
cultural heritage etc. On the other hand, both animal
welfare and species conservation are well established
arguments in western societies. To what ideology or
value system animal policy could and should be based
on? Will animal policy, if based on animal rights, inevitably
be in conflict with the demands of democracy and
social, cultural or economic sustainability?

tammi 1, 2006
Ratamäki, O., & Tynkkynen, S. (2006). Eläinpolitiikka – mitä se voi olla?. Alue Ja Ympäristö, 35(1), 14-24. Noudettu osoitteesta https://aluejaymparisto.journal.fi/article/view/64268