Kiehtova toinen

Hyönteisharrastuksen järki ja tunteet


  • Minna Santaoja UEF


Insects are often perceived as the “monstrous other”, but there are people dedicated to the study of insect
life. Amateur entomologists accentuate the scientific character of their activities. The scientific image may
exclude other kinds of human-nonhuman relationships. This article examines the affective characteristics
of amateur entomology. The empirical material for the study was gathered by interviews and participant
observation among the members of a local entomological society in Tampere, Finland. The article discusses
how different kinds of nonhuman charisma engage amateur entomologists. The article concludes that the
entomologists exhibit reflective empathy towards the insects. This empathy is affective at the core but at
the same time rational and cognitive. In order to effectively pursue conservation targets the entomologists
communicate in the scientific register and downplay the sentimental ethics of their practice at least when
communicating outwards from their society.





Santaoja, M. (2015). Kiehtova toinen: Hyönteisharrastuksen järki ja tunteet. Alue Ja Ympäristö, 44(2), 3–14. Noudettu osoitteesta