Julkinen kaivoskeskustelu diskursiivisena välienselvittelynä

Tarkastelussa verkkouutisten ja verkon lukijakommenttien diskursiiviset legitimaatiostrategiat osana Talvivaaran legitimaatiokamppailua

  • Veera Kangaspunta


The aim of this article is to approach one specific environmental topic and the public debate around this topic from a user-oriented perspective – through online news comments. The article analyses online news and comments sections from three Finnish online newspapers concerning the mining accident of Talvivaara company in November 2012. Discourse and discursive legitimation strategies are used as analytical tools with the focus of critical discourse analysis. The study aims to solve what kind of discourses the public debate contains and how these discourses are connected to certain legitimation strategies. In addition, the article also continues the conceptual deliberation about the concept of the public as a group of people participating in public discussion. The study shows that Talvivaara news and news comments consist four main strategies, authorization, rationalization, moral evaluations and mythopoiesis, used for legitimation, relegitimation and delegitimation. However, the parties differ in the way they utilize these strategies and different discourses. Consequently, online news commenting appears as a unique part of the public debate about the topic, rather than remaining marginal flaming. The users tend to absorb the role of the public as a part of the public showdown about the shared issue.

Avainsanat: online news comments, environmental discourses, legitimation strategies, the public
kesä 26, 2018
Kangaspunta, V. (2018). Julkinen kaivoskeskustelu diskursiivisena välienselvittelynä. Alue Ja Ympäristö, 47(1), 79-103. https://doi.org/10.30663/ay.65574