Kansalaisosallistuminen kaupunkisuunnittelussa

Rajaorganisaatioita vai hybridien hallintaa?

  • Helena Leino UEF


The Finnish Land Use and Planning Act was renewed
in 2000. Since then the forms and methods of
public participation in land use planning have been
under debate. So far the practical implementation
of public participation has been ambiguous. In this
article I examine a new kind of approach to public
participation through two analytical concepts:
David Guston’s boundary organization and Clark
Miller’s hybrid management. My aim is to open up
discussion on the potential of the new kinds of
spaces for cooperation, and to consider what kind
of possibilities these concepts offer for the analysis
of Finnish planning processes.

syys 1, 2008
Leino, H. (2008). Kansalaisosallistuminen kaupunkisuunnittelussa: Rajaorganisaatioita vai hybridien hallintaa?. Alue Ja Ympäristö, 37(2), 41-48. Noudettu osoitteesta https://aluejaymparisto.journal.fi/article/view/64352