Kaupunki leikkikenttänä

Kriittisen leikin ja kaupunkitilan vuorovaikutteisuus Turku365-taidehankkeessa


  • Riina Lundman UEF


Urban space offers various kinds of opportunities for play and recreation. The relation between playing and
the city can also be seen in a more interactive way as many artists, activists and city dwellers are using playful
activities and games to redefine their everyday urban environment. In this article, I explore the case study
of Turku365 art project to identify different possibilities and problems of urban play in the production of a
more versatile public space. By using the concept of critical play, I will give examples of how playful practices
have been utilized in Turku365 project as a means to understand and use the city in an alternative way.





Lundman, R. (2012). Kaupunki leikkikenttänä: Kriittisen leikin ja kaupunkitilan vuorovaikutteisuus Turku365-taidehankkeessa. Alue ja Ympäristö, 41(1), 3–13. Noudettu osoitteesta https://aluejaymparisto.journal.fi/article/view/64712