Kaupunkisuunnittelua ja itseorganisoituvaa toimintaa

Kertomus Helsingin Herttoniemen muutoksesta


  • Sirkku Wallin UEF


Urban planning seeks to steer urban transformation. This article analyses urban transformation at the
local level from the neighbourhood perspective. The aim of the article is to describe local development
and self-organizing local movements as well as formal urban planning initiatives taking place in the same
neighbourhood. The article examines the role of local networks and participation in urban transformation.
The analysis is based on an action research project in a neighbourhood of Helsinki. According to the
analysis, urban complexity challenges urban planning. Urban transformation cannot be steered and anticipated
only through the planning procedures. In order to patch up complex urban change, it is necessary
to apply methods of community development and co-governance, and to engage the local community and
its initiatives. Through partnerships and self-organization, they enhance the implementation of development
initiatives and everyday life that constantly transforms urban space and local identities.





Wallin, S. (2015). Kaupunkisuunnittelua ja itseorganisoituvaa toimintaa: Kertomus Helsingin Herttoniemen muutoksesta. Alue ja Ympäristö, 44(1), 17–30. Noudettu osoitteesta https://aluejaymparisto.journal.fi/article/view/64831