Se metsä on täynnä kyyneleitäni. Luonnon hyvinvointimerkityksiä jäljittämässä


  • Anja Yli-Viikari
  • Taina Lilja


This article studies nature stories that were collected by a public call. People were asked to tell about
their own experiences, and describe, how nature has supported their wellbeing. Data materials include
29 stories, resulting 65 pages in all. Mostly the findings were consistent with former studies. Experiencing
the quietness and calmness of nature areas and being able to smooth down was important for many
writers. Some of the writers had experienced various life crises. For them, it was especially important to
find safe and peaceful environments, where they could focus on their inner feelings and thoughts. Animal
friends, who were staying near and sharing the difficult moments, were also greatly appreciated. As with
the former studies, people were able to participate in more demanding activities, when they get better.
While being free to choose the topics of nature stories, people could tell about those moments that were
most important for them. They covered a wide range of different situations including however always some
specific personal aspect. A connection between the inner world of the person and the observation of the
surroundings was there to make them specific and memorable moments.





Yli-Viikari, A., & Lilja, T. (2016). Se metsä on täynnä kyyneleitäni. Luonnon hyvinvointimerkityksiä jäljittämässä. Alue ja Ympäristö, 45(1), 68–79. Noudettu osoitteesta