Policy failures in mobile and complex contexts

Translating EU energy policy in Finland

  • Moritz Albrecht
  • Teijo Rytteri


Rooted in policy mobility and complexity theory, the study conceptualizes policy failure based on
unexpected events, behaviour, self-organising capacities and path-dependencies. Complexity theory enables
a special emphasis on particular capacities of each context that shape policy mobilities, translations and
implementation. The study approaches policy failures by emphasising both the unpredictable and stable
characteristics of political systems. A case of wood energy subsidies in Finland, part of national translation
of EU renewable energy policy, provides an empirical example. The policy failed despite government and
parliament approval and allows conceptualizing the role of uncontrollable features for the success of policy

joulu 21, 2017
Albrecht, M., & Rytteri, T. (2017). Policy failures in mobile and complex contexts: Translating EU energy policy in Finland. Alue Ja Ympäristö, 46(2), 18-31. Noudettu osoitteesta https://aluejaymparisto.journal.fi/article/view/68853